Monday, 16 June 2008

Chi's Sweet Home - Episodes 33-40

Never mind the not particularly top-notch animation here, Chi's Sweet Home still manages to make everyone's favourite kitten both irresistibly adorable and hugely expressive. In this latest batch of miniature episodes, Chi discovers the joy that is known to every household cat as sitting on a window ledge and looking out over the world (no matter what problems that might cause your owners), what it's like to taste human food both good and bad, the dilemma that is what to do wen your owner is having fun in the bath (toys versus water, can there be a worse conflict for a cat?), and the battle with said owner for space on the bed at night, a battle which the cat is guaranteed to win 100% of the time (something I've learned from years of bitter experience).

The beauty of Chi's Sweet Home is that Chi is so... well... cat-like. Anyone who owns or has owned a cat of kitten will instantly recognise most of the behaviour on show here, and revel in its familiarity. At just a few minutes apiece, every episode of this series is a tiny little gem that's always guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Necromancer said...

The ep where Chi tries human food reminded me of what my cat, Bandit, did at the weekend. I was sitting with her on my lap, eating an ice cream lolly when she suddenly got up, turned round and decided to lick it for a few minutes. She didn't finish it which annoyed me since I wanted to eat the mango swirly centre :(