Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Allison to Lillia - Episode 11

It seems like only yesterday that I last watched an episode of Allison to Lillia.. Oh, wait a second, that's because it was.

After episode ten finished with the ridiculous sight of an experienced military man shooting at an armoured train with a pistol, things finally take a turn for the sensible at the start of this episode, with the use of a copious amount of alcohol - Not, as you might expect, for the main characters to drown their sorrows for getting themselves involved in this god-awful series, but instead to set fire to a carriage of their train to prevent the pursuers from either boarding their train or following them. This seems to have done the trick, until they come across a heavily armoured tank which can use train tracks while also having the uncanny ability to match the speed of a powerful steam train.

At this point we begin to learn the truth about Major Stork, and from that moment on the whole story suddenly turns into a fast-paced description of double-crossings aplenty that I think made my brain melt a little. We also confirm that Major Stork murdered the guard from the last episode, which hugely upsets Wil and Allison for entire seconds before they decide that this is not the time to mourn. Oh no, this is the time to go and kill more people, led by a murderer who they've decided to carry on trusting and helping out to the best of their abilities for some reason (although to be fair he does have a gun).

So, Wil manages to shoot the tank eventually after numerous attempts using an anti-tank rifle that just happens to be on board thanks to the arms magnate they're protecting or arresting or whatever, while the heavily armoured tank only fires back a single shot in return, which must officially make it the worst tank ever.

Carrying on at breakneck speed, everybody else who isn't a major character then gets shot or, in the case of the handlebar-moustached arms dealer, commits suicide. Major Stork is suitably disappointed by this, and Allison and Wil again manage to muster up almost an entire second of despair about this thoughtless waste of human life before the episode ends. However, the story isn't over just yet... Wil has an odd feeling that something isn't quite right about Major Stork. Wow, d'ya think?

While this was actually an improvement on the last episode, this series seems to fall into so many plot holes during the average episode that it's a wonder it hasn't dug itself down to the Earth's molten core yet. Whenever the story shows signs of promise, it either gets lost in one of those holes, or otherwise goes off on a tangent that is either terribly dull or just plain confusing. It probably wouldn't be so bad if all the characters weren't equally as uninteresting - Wil and Fiona seem to become increasingly cardboard by the episode, and even the more lively Benedict and Allison seem to have resorted to a clichéd existence of cracking jokes in moments of tension and generally being far too excitable respectively. I'm now resigned to the fact that this show won't get any better, but at least it's enjoyable to poke fun at, for the sake of my sanity if nothing else.

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Anonymous said...

Stork's story was incredible. Either that or he has extremely dry humour which Wil didn't get unless he's able to laugh without even smiling. The timing for the confession was definitely awesome. Nothing calms a shooter more than a good ol' shock. Luckily, Wil is a true professional and manages to not a give damn.

They are also lucky that the tank crew doesn't seem to possess any goggles and neither notice the huge whole in the train nor the barrel pointed at the them. I guess they are busy with navigation. Two rails, so many choices...

It was also really ridiculous that Allison wasn't able to hit this huge guy with the pistol from close distant. She's not some damsel in distress but an air force pilot. Apparently she was even aiming at his head which isn't only bad ass considering he's unarmed but fairly stupid considering his huge body. The cherry on the pie was when Wil helped her to aim. "Com'on Allison let's shoot him!" - "You're such a romancist Wil!" No wonder the bad guy finally lost his cool to commit Kamikaze.

Why was Benedict chickening out? He's a major but he can't pull a frickin' trigger of an immobile gun on command? Yeah sure! Then how was he able to hit the tank with a frickin shotgun??

And of course the big bang was caused by someone opening a bottle of champaign. Yeah right Benedict... there aren't even any other passengers on the train anymore for logic's sake!

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy this anime - much more than I should. I like the characters and especially the atmosphere and setting. However it's unfrickinbelievable that this was written by the same guy who wrote Kino's Journey. Well, unless this is something he wrote long before the latter in high school or elementary school even.