Friday, 13 June 2008

Itazura na Kiss - Episode 10

After the last episode ended with Kotoko's father announcing that it was time for them to move out of the Irie household, it seemed that the end was nigh for her chance to win over Naoki. Thus, the beginning of episode ten of Itazura no Kiss is a rather solemn one, as Kotoko has to say her goodbyes and deal with the rumour-mongering at university that comes from her moving out. As per usual, her so-called friends give her absolutely no help or show any interest in backing her up over things like this, which once again re-ignites one of my long-standing irritations regarding this series.

Thankfully my major annoyance throughout this show's run so far, namely Naoki's eminently hateful personality, keeps its distance this time around, so as Kotoko all but saves Naoki's brother Yuuki's life as she just happens to be passing their residence, so Naoki shows his softer side throughout, to the point of almost being (shock, horror) a nice guy. However, I think it says something about just how much damage this series has done by overblowing Naoki's arrogance earlier in the series when, even during supposedly closer moments between himself and Kotoko, I site there waiting for something to spring forth from his demonic lips to make me hate him again. By this point I get the feeling I'm really supposed to be rooting for Kotoko and him to get together, but I still can't bring myself to do it, although when I come to think of it there aren't really any other likeable characters for her to even show an interest in unless she went and married herself or something.

Anyway, if I can put all of my pent-up hatred towards Naoki to one side for a moment, this is finally the episode where he seems to be starting to come good as a normal, likeable human being. Still not good enough for the frequently adorable Kotoko admittedly, but oh well... Now please, don't screw it all up by making Naoki an asshole again in the next episode.

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Zan said...

I share your sentiments exactly. I read the manga parts that have been scanlated thus far and hes the same old jerk in there too. In fact the anime skips large chunks which I've only seen as a good thing as it tends to be a moment of closeness sandwiched between 20 moments of him being intolerable. Its quite a strange premise when you know the two will definitely end up together, but somehow the longer the show goes the harder its to comprehend why instead of a gradual development. The next episode looks seems to skip ahead to a bigger development so hopefully they will end up together soon, because I keep hoping that once they are finally together he will start being likeable.

And Kotoko in anime is simply adorable, she really is the biggest reason I watch.