Thursday, 29 May 2008

Itazura na Kiss - Episode 8

After an episode finale last time around that gave me at least the tiniest, slightest glimmer of hope for some progress in part eight of Itazura no Kiss, here I am a broken and dejected man once again.

Although everyone has moved on from high school to university, little has changed in Kotoko's life - She still harbours desires for Naoki, a situation made even worse by their kiss in odd circumstances last episode, yet the object of her love is still a self-centred, rude and very nasty piece of work. Yes, that's right, despite being eight episodes in Naoki is still yet to be anything but a complete asshole to the ever bright, breezy and hopeful Kotoko, something that I continue to hate him for. Not only that, but Kotoko's irritating friends are still on the scene, as if to complete my misery. In short, everything is as it ever was, and so all of my complaints about the series remain exactly the same.

No matter how I try to rationalise it, no sane woman would still hold an interest in someone like Naoki after so long with nothing but insults thrown back at them, it's simply unhealthy. Thus, until the dynamic of that relationship changes (as surely it must do to move this series into its next phase), Itazura no Kiss will continue to frustrate me more and more with each passing episode. Please, script writers, put me out of my misery and make Naoki do something likeable... Anything likeable.


Kahori said...

Naoki will. It's probably be the last few episodes of the series though where sudenly he realises he's been horrible, he really likes her and then everything will happen from there :D I've only watched the taiwanese drama before, so I'd say from that that Noaki does have a few redeeming moments.

Hanners said...

He's bound to turn things around at some point, but I can't help but feeling that he's been 'the bad guy' for so long now that I won't be able to warm to him even if he suddenly becomes the perfect man or something.

We shall have to wait and see though.