Friday, 2 May 2008

Himitsu - The Revelation - Episode 2

The opening episode of Himitsu - The Revelation gave us a series with a fascinating backbone, probing into the minds of victims of murders after their death using MRI technology to reveal their killer, and did so with a reasonable level of competency too.

After a half-decent storage of unrequited(ish) love last time around, the series grabs itself a far bigger and grander steak to chew on this time around, leaving the team to investigate the assassination of a US President. Obviously, the series is set in the future and thus with a fictional President - If they'd set it in early 2008, not only would it have been controversial but there wouldn't have been much brain to work with either.

Anyway, I digress - With this story spanning over more than one episode, the pace of the episode is rather relaxed, taking some time to explore Aoki's personal life with his family before delving into the investigation, which finds little until the end. The big revelation at the end of the episode is, to be honest, a bit of a let-down - We're somehow asked to believe that the President's daughter kissing her boyfriend is some kind of grand scandal, and unless I'm missing something I don't see why. Hopefully there will be more to it revealed in episode three, but it seemed like an odd way to end an episode, at least as far as the reactions of the investigating team was concerned.

So, what we have once again is a solid episode, that neither wows nor bores me - It simply does its job. I wonder if the entire MRI vehicle behind Himitsu might end up actually limiting it somewhat, but again we shall have to see how they use it in future episodes. What we have here is a pretty average show though, for the time being at least.

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