Sunday, 25 May 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Episode 8

The conclusion of Code Geass R2 episode seven left us with a potentially dangerous curve ball being thrown by Zero, who agreed to join the Special Administrative Region of Japan shortly after putting more than a slight dent in Suzaku's plan to capture the Order of the Black Knights. By agreeing a deal which could well turn his own supporters against him, and potentially leave the Japanese without any real hope, how on earth could this be turned around in Lelouch's favour?

The answer is, of course, with a little cunning and a lot of genius, brokering a deal and playing a hinted at but still rather unexpected card to free over a million Japanese, and himself in the process. After complaining about the repetition of ideas and plots earlier on in this series, Code Geass R2 now truly seems to be ploughing its own furrow compared to the first season of the show - After last episode's most excellent slice of tactics from Lelouch, this episode delivers an even more daring plan, which of course goes entirely to plan while also potentially softening the relationship between Lelouch/Zero and Suzaku, as the pair being to show signs of both trust and understanding of the other's goals.

Naturally, this wouldn't be an episode of Code Geass without leaving as many questions as it did answers. Just where are Lelouch and his million strong followers going to go now (okay, so the Chinese Federation seems like the likely destination there), and what will be their next battle seeing as it's patently obvious that he won't be willing to just leave it there? If they move away from battling for the independence of Japan, will any of those million followers want to continue to support Zero beyond their own limited interests? Besides which, what about Lelouch's friends, and indeed his role as a normal student? Without so much as a trailer for episode nine to give us a clue, your guess is as good as mine.

Really, this is what Code Geass at its best is all about - No action, just a quick moving yet tense march towards the inevitable moment of revelation when Zero's latest plan comes to fruition. And what a plan it was too, which despite being a little implausible had me grinning from ear to ear with glee. It even made Suzaku look good, which has to be saying something. Overall then, a classic episode, and once again I hate the thought that I'll have to wait another week to see what Lelouch plans to do next.

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