Thursday, 22 May 2008

Itazura na Kiss - Episode 7

Aside from granting a big exception to the final minute or so of episode seven of Itazura no Kiss, everything basically remains exactly as I seem to have described this series from day one, although if anything many of the points I initially made have only become more deeply entrenched and 'in your face' as the show has progressed.

In other words, Naoki Irie is still as much of a nasty piece of work as ever, to the point where it's beyond impossible to fathom why Kotoko still holds any feelings for him. Kotoko's friends are still incredibly irritating, particularly Kin who is increasingly moving towards sealing my vote for the 'anime character I'd most like to punch repeatedly in the face' award for this current season. Naoki's mother is also well up there on the list of irritations and climbing higher by the week, with her interfering in her son and Kotoko's relationship (or lack thereof) becoming unbearable. Even my feeling that Kotoko herself saves this series is beginning to wane, as her spirit and energy can only take her so far before she just looks plain stupid for chasing a guy who there is nothing positive to say about aside from his intelligence.

Really, all of this is a shame considering my earlier feelings that this show could make something of itself - It was never going to break new ground, but it continually does itself a disservice with its increasingly stereotypical portrayal of all of its main characters. Yes, that ending I mentioned gains it some bonus points for shaking things up, but all signs point to a return to normal service in the next episode which rather defeats the point. I haven't given up on this series completely yet, but we're now seven episodes in and if I'm honest, it hasn't gone anywhere much - If you were feeling particularly harsh, you could even argue that it's going backwards.

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