Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Allison to Lillia - Episode 6

It's virtually by special request that I've sat down to collect my thoughts around Allison to Lillia's sixth episode, in the full expectation that I'll be able to attack it with the same venom as I have previous episodes. It almost goes without saying that it doesn't disappoint in its mix of incredibly average and generic plot points and characters, mixed with some laughable progressions in said plot.

After being drugged by the evil tea-poisoning grandma of doom last time, we start this episode by finding Allison and Wil locked in a basement. Well, I say locked - I mean locked apart from a reasonably easy to reach sky light which gives them a simple means of escape. From here, they hide out in a barn, were they are reunited with Benedict before having to escape again, this time through a handy rear entrance in said barn. To be honest, by giving the main characters so many easy escape routes they might as well have simply saved themselves the bother and kitted them out with the gun from the game Portal.

Next, Benedict is reunited with Fiona (who he first met last episode), who has just been told to 'shoot anyone suspicious'. This village really does have a bee in its bonnet about suspicious people it seems, I'd hate to be born there as a child with slightly shifty-looking eyes. Anyway, Fiona reveals who she truly is and why she wants to get to the capital, and after being captured by the crazed villagers, they suddenly turn back into nice, reasonable people at the drop of the hat, who all know exactly who Benedict is and why he is famous without being told anything, even though they didn't have a clue two seconds before. Saved by this large plot hole and the villagers split personalities, they fly for the capital, but not before the trailer for the next episode basically manages to spoilt almost the entirety of episode seven.

While it's incredibly easy to maul Allison to Lillia like a pit-bull terrier with his favourite toy, I have to once again put in a disclaimer that it isn't that bad - It's simply one of those shows that is so incredibly and perfectly average that it promotes far more bile from me than even the most terrible of series, an attitude not helped by my reluctance to drop it before the Lillia arc starts. To be honest, being able to tear apart the plot holes almost makes it a fun series to watch, so perhaps my advice would be to watch it with a bunch of friends, turning each episode into a drinking game where you chug down a shot of a beverage of your choice every time something really obviously moronic happens. Just, err... drink responsibly.

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