Sunday, 4 May 2008

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Episode 5

A week just wouldn't be complete with a dose of Code Geass R2, so here we are once again to marvel at Lelouch's brain power.. and what a surprise-filled episode we had too, between Suzaku's return to school and the reintroduction of an important part of Lelouch's past.

However, what was sandwiched between those two vital moments was largely a school-based, Code Geass equivalent of Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu, complete with cuddly animal suit being used as some kind of makeshift Knightmare. After its absence in episode four, this also gave rise to more Kallen fan-service, which makes me wonder just how many shots of her admittedly magnificent behind we'll be treated to in this series. Kallen wasn't alone in this department however, as Viletta also got some fan service treatment of her own, although by the end of the episode that was the least of her troubles as another blight on Lelouch's pack of cards fell (although only to be replaced by an even bigger problem courtesy of everyone's favourite asshole, Suzaku).

I have to admit that overall, this was a bit of a weak episode again - I don't mind some more light-hearted episodes during the course of the show, but my problem on this occasion was that it jumped horribly to the important parts almost out of nowhere, making it feel like the writers had suddenly remembered that they'd better shoehorn those plot points in somewhere. Really, the scene where Viletta's past relationship with Ogi was exposed was deserving of far more screen time and dialogue than it received, although I suppose they're trying to keep the exact agreement reached by Lelouch with her secret for now.

Aside from that, there was still plenty to mull over from episode five, particularly C.C.'s brief and interrupted conversation about how the Emporer received his Geass. Kallen's relationship with Lelouch/Zero is also fascinating me again, as I simply can't get a handle on what it is - It truly does seem to be a mentally unbalanced one on her part, and I can't shake the feeling that there will be plenty more said and done about it as the show progresses.

For all its failings this week however, Code Geass R2 managed to win me over with an absolutely jaw-dropping ending and cliff-hanger to the episode, which was a real bolt from the blue. Again, it confirms that Suzaku is a very nasty piece of work, but can Lelouch calm down and wriggle his way out of this one? Personally, I can't wait to find out, and that kind of twist is the sort of hallmark of this series that makes me love it so.

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