Saturday, 22 June 2013

Space Brothers - Episode 63

More hard work lies ahead for Mutta as he begins his jet pilot training, with a requirement to learn three week's worth of information in just three days prior to a written exam which will prioritise their future training... however, that isn't really the crux of this week's episode.

Instead, our focus remains squarely upon Mutta and Hibito's "aunt" Sharon, starting with some positive news as she finds a kindred spirit willing to assist and support her in her plans to have a radio telescope built on the surface of the moon.  With such a busy schedule and a a meeting with first Hibito, then Mutta and his trainee astronaut friends, it's certainly understandable that Sharon would be fatigued... but is that really the true cause of her dropping things so frequently?

When a freak accident at the Houston Space Centre finally persuades Sharon (with some coaxing) to visit a doctor, a quick check-up reveals no problem and puts her issues down to fatigue, much to the relief of everyone.  With any health issues pushed to the back of her mind, it's time for a fun evening with the Nanba family and friends - at least, it is until Serika sees the battered state of Sharon's phone, which brings back some uncomfortable but very important memories for her...

Even if it began in a rather conspicuous place (and the way this episode panned out makes me wonder even more what the point of Amanti's preminitions were), the way this particular story arc is mapping out broadly works in a dramatic sense, having done enough to illustrate the respect and admiration Sharon holds others for us to care about her well-being.  Admittedly, I'm still more interested in the challenges currently facing Mutta, but that isn't to say that the currently unfolding plot isn't a sufficiently interesting one in its own right as the show continues to throw obstacles into our protagonists path over and above those overtly offered by his current career choice.

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