Friday, 21 June 2013

Devil Survivor 2: The Animation - Episode 12

The final Septentrion has been defeated, and it's time for humanity to meet with Polaris to decide it's future.  Or is it?

Working on his own volition, it seems that Alcor has chosen his preferred candidate to meet Polaris - that candidate being Hibiki - and given that Yamato is never going to back down having come so close to reaching his goal there's nothing for it than for the two to fight to the death to see who gets to make that ultimate decision.  With Hibiki still in no position to interfere after his own earlier efforts, it seems that Makoto is the only one with any power to spare to assist in breaking up or changing the balance of the conflict.  While others would view Yamato's plans as vile, Makoto refuses to desert her superior, to the point where she'd even be willing to give up her life to aid him.

Thanks to this decision, which buys some all-important time for Yamato, it is he that triumphs and moves forward in the hope of meeting Polaris - by this point even Hibiki is no more than a nuisance for him, as he sets his demons upon his former ally to finish the job.  However, Io and Daichi are having none of that, and do all they can to assist Hibiki in also reaching his end goal, even as nothingness envelops and engulfs then.  With only Yamato and Hibiki left, whose ideology will win - more importantly, who is strong enough to defeat the other and seal their meeting Polaris?  Find out next week folks!

As you might expect from the series by this juncture, this week's Devil Survivor 2 hits all of the inevitable story beats on the way to its final showdown, making it a predictable effort which perhaps tries a little too hard to engender emotion in some of its scenes without ever quite getting it right.  Still, there are some decent (if also predictable) spells of action and an interesting contrast between our two remaining characters, so even though its finale seems to be entirely telegraphed this series continues to be more about some easy to dip into entertainment and how it reaches its climax rather than the minutiae of its story and characterisation.

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