Thursday, 6 June 2013

Red Data Girl - Episode 10

Having had another "turn" as the Himegami, Izumiko is understandably rather torn up about the whole thing as this tenth episode of Red Data Girl begins, particularly given the hassles said Himegami gave to Sagar during her possession of Izumiko's body.

There's little real time to dwell on this however with the Warring States-themed culture festival still in full swing; not that this stops Izumiko taking a few jabs at her "protector" out of jealousy at his somewhat intimate conversation with the Himegami.  With rumours floating around of girls being taken ill at the festival's haunted house however, it's time for Miyuki to investigate with Izumiko in tow.

Lo and behold, there is something more supernatural than fake blood and made-up students within the confines of the haunted house which look to attach themselves to Izumiko, but is this a trap of Takayanagi's or some other phenomena entirely?  There's no time to find out, as our thoughts instead turn towards to Mayura's own battle to fight against Takayanagi, with the festival's mock battle now seemingly operating at its centrepiece.

In a sense, this week's Red Data Girl is another great example of everything that this series gets wrong time and time again - it flits from one idea to the next without ever bringing what has gone before to any satisfactory resolution, and by the end of an episode your mind feels bloated like you're suffering from some kind of mental constipation thanks to all of the things you've seen but your brain isn't ready to file away in the "out" tray.  Maybe that means that the final episodes will turn into mental diarrhoea instead, but simply the fact that I'm now comparing this series to bowel movements tells you everything that you should need to know about it.

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