Sunday, 9 June 2013

Attack on Titan - Episode 10

To avoid being baked in the midst of an exploding cannon shell, Eren has managed to make use of his new powers to create a half-baked Titan around himself and his friends to protect them from the blast.  But what next now that he's given form to his terrifying new ability in front of all and sundry?

This is the predicament which dominates this episode of Attack on Titan, as Eren removes himself from the skeleton which he has created to find that his friends are safe but his options are limited.  Although the trio are still protected by a thick covering of smoke and the sheer shock of what has just happened on their aggressor's count, there still isn't much time to decide where to go or what to do next.

Ultimately, it's to Armin that the decision is left - Eren is determined not to cause any more difficulties for his friends and go it alone, but should he become a fugitive and go on the run, or is there still hope for someone to persuade the powers that be that Eren is an important new weapon in the fight against the Titans.  Having been filled with self-doubt previously, Armin has a moment of clarity which allows him to stand up to the troops surrounding them to make a final plea to their senses and the opportunity of turning the tide against the Titans - a plea which finally finds a receptive ear.  Now, the question is whether Eren can follow through on the claims that he might be a valuable secret weapon...

Compared to previous episodes of this series, this was a pretty slow-moving instalment of Attack on Titan, which made the most of the tension of the scenario set up last week and milked it for everything it was worth.  Perhaps this drop in the often frenetic pace of the show is required as a line in the sand between what has just gone and what is still to come while simultaneously giving the plot something of a much-required new grounding, but it does mean that this episode is more interesting than it is jaw-dropping or anything of the sort.  Still, I remain well and truly on-board in terms of enjoying the series.

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