Saturday, 8 June 2013

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai 2 - Episode 10

The Internet has been ablaze this week with apocalyptic tales of the final Oreimo light novel, but for now let us concentrate on the tenth episode of this second anime season.

Ayase gets to take centre stage for a while once again in this week's instalment, as we fast-forward through her interactions with Kyousuke during the whole Kuroneko affair, with Kyousuke telling her that he can't teasingly sexually harass her any more on account of having a girlfriend, before Ayase worries that it is she that's responsible for their eventual break-up - or at least, that's what she suggests is her concern, while the reality of the situation is readily apparent.

In the midst of all this tsundere behaviour, Ayase also all-but forces Kyousuke into attending the "Meru-fest" event to cheer on Kanako, who is taking part in the event on account of her stellar Stardust Witch Meruru cosplay.  Of course, this plan is scuppered somewhat, and by none other than Kirino, who is also supposed to be attending the concert but is held up on a delayed photo shoot.  Thus, it's Kyousuke to the rescue, as he races off to pick up Kirino (albeit with the worst possible choice of transportation) and bring her back to the event arena in time for the concert - something he doesn't entirely succeed at, but hey - at least he makes it in time for the frequently name-dropped appearance of ClariS, which oddly we don't get to see at all.

Aside from a couple of funny moments, Oreimo again underwhelms this week - by this point even the previously entertaining Ayase is increasingly little more than a simpering waif crawling at Kyousuke's heels, and the entire cast is starting to feel a little lifeless as we seem to have developed nothing more than a harem circling around our lead male.  This is perhaps the inevitable progression of the series, but it's still a world away from the fresh and snappy otaku comedy that made me fall in love with the franchise in the first place, and to be quite honest I really want that side of the show back, even if my wishes will never come to fruition.

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