Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! - Episode 10

Maou is on the move in this week's Hataraku Maou-sama, as his burger-flipping talents are called for elsewhere thanks to his continued ability to impress his higher-ups at McRonalds.

More specifically, Maou finds himself "loaned out" to another branch of the restaurant which is part of a leisure park, on account of the opening of both a grandiose reptile house and a new haunted house on the premises.  As well as earning some more brownie points with his employers, Urushihara also points out that the haunted house would offer a great opportunity for Maou and company to charge up their magical power using the fear emanating from said attraction.  With Chiho and Emilia planning to head to the park, and Suzuno alerted to the potentially nefarious goings-on on Maou's part, the whole gang end up at the park for its big day.

Maou (and perhaps Suzuno) aside, it's all about pleasure rather than business for the visitors, although it turns out to be far from an ideal day for anyone involved - Emi is constantly overshadowed by Chiho's... err... exuberant mammaries... while Chiho's charms are lost to the work-focused Maou.  When both of them are scared witless by first the haunted house and then the reptiles on show (albeit for very different reasons in the latter case), the last thing they need is some escaping wildlife.  Once again, it's Maou of all people who saves the day, using the magic he's gathered from the fear of others to keep those same people safe, much to Suzuno's bewilderment.

For all of its swimsuits and cleavage-centric humour, once again Hataraku Maou-sama proves to be a whole lot of fun this week - indeed, even a couple of its breast gags are laugh out loud funny.  The series continues to have so much fun going about its business that it's hard to really ding it for anything - the cast of characters are wonderful, and even when the situations they're placed in are predictable their interactions are a delight to behold.  It shouldn't be this good, particularly at this late stage of the series, but somehow it is.  Perhaps the devil is in the details...

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