Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tsuritama - Episode 8

Sibling quarrels are always heart-felt affairs, and thus it's no surprise that Natsuki lashing out at his sister Sakura has led to her disappearing.  But where has she gone?  As this week's Tsuritama begins, friends and family begin their search for the errant girl.

As it turns out, it doesn't take all that long to find her - cue a happy family reunion.  This event also turns into something of a revelation for other characters, as it leads to them all taking a look at themselves, what they're missing in life and what their friendships have allowed them to achieve that they wouldn't have otherwise.

In the specific case of Akira, he decides that it's time to come clean to Haru and Koko and admit his affiliation and true mission, that being to monitor JF1 (aka Haru's) movements.  As a result, we get to learn exactly why they've come to Earth, and of course it all revolves around so-called Bermuda Syndrome and the strange goings-on around the Enoshima fishing reef.  With Haru deciding to take up fishing again it seems that our extra-terrestrial visitors are all set to resolve the issue with their sea-bound brethren, but with a tropical storm whipping up a whole new escalation of their problems and "Duck" deciding to make an offensive move in their operations, things are about to get decidedly fraught.

By "fraught" of course, I mean "slightly less dull" - this was another dry episode that did little to further foster any personal interest in its main characters or their situation, not helped by the fact that the alien problem threatening the world involves the possibility of some boats being moved around and making people dance against their will, which sounds like the plot of a particularly camp production of War of the Worlds.  In addition, Haru continues to grate on me more and more by the week to leave me as cold as.... well, a damp fish I suppose.  While other series feel like they're going to end far too soon with a few episodes still to go, this is one spring season show that already feels like it's overstayed its welcome for me.

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