Friday, 11 May 2012

Eureka Seven AO - Episode 5

Now that Ao is more or less a proper member of Beneration Bleu (unless you get hung up about ID cards and the like), it's off to their rather impressive Swiss headquarters to find out what life is like as one of their IFO pilots.

Of course, Ao isn't the only one along for the ride - as well as Noah, we also have our three stowaways Gazelle, Pippo and Han, and as the Triton is unloaded it doesn't take too long to find that particular trio.  Although this looks set to mean big trouble for them, the information and knowledge they have on hand appears to be enough to secure them jobs of their own, although we still don't know exactly why.

As for Ao himself, this week's episode is really all about introducing us to HQ, getting to know another team of IFO pilots who go by the codename of "Goldilocks", and finding that Fleur and Elena still don't exactly seem too sure what to make of their new comrade as they fluctuate between welcoming him and leaving him well and truly out in the cold.  They don't seem to be the only ones with reservations either, as the leader of Goldilocks' team has no qualms about advising him to go home to his loved ones - words which may well be batted straight back at him as his team runs into severe problems on a mission to intercept a Scub Burst and the Secret that comes with it.  When backup is required as a result of these issues, who ya gonna call?  Pied Piper.

After a pretty slow episode last week, this latest instalment of Eureka Seven AO is similarly a little pedestrian out of necessity so that it can introduce us to more fully to Generation Bleu, their headquarters and how they work, whilst also filling out their roster of characters and pilots somewhat.  Thus, this particular episode just "is" - there's really not a huge amount to say about it as it goes about its business with a little food for thought and/or humour sprinkled here and there via some accomplished but far from mind-blowing chunk of exposition.  Let's talk again next week, which is where things should really get interesting, and we may finally be able to get more of a feel for where Eureka Seven AO is planning to head.

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