Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jormungand - Episode 7

The mission in hand may be all about beating Chang's troops in the race to reach Doctor Miami, but for Valmer things have just gotten decidedly more personal.

Once she spots Chang's assistant, and more specifically her combat style, something breaks in Valmer as it takes her back to a turning point in her life - a turning point which, of course, came in the middle of a warzone as she saw her troops wiped out in front of her eyes... well, eye, as this same incident also was the moment which gave birth to the need for her trademark eyepatch.

Meanwhile, Koko is having to keep tabs on things from a more diplomatic perspective, all the while seemingly unknowingly under surveillance from Scarecrow and his current assistant Chocolade.  Although our impatient arm of the law is hoping to get some juicy evidence of illegal dealings under his belt, it seems that he's reckoned without Ms Hekmatyar's cunning, and before he knows it Scarecrow is forced into acting as Koko's escape plan as Chang receives word that his plans have gone awry, cutting short both his attempt to capture Minami as well as losing any hope of wreaking revenge on Hekmatyar.

These two elements combined to make for a pretty decent episode - I'm still not convinced by Jormungand's action credentials in terms of animation quality but it worked well enough on this occasion, and the episode was more notable for some smart but low-key little twists and turns to keep its story interesting.  Then again, there's something a little frustrating about the end of this arc, as we're still none the wiser about Koko's plans as they pertain to Doctor Minami, which leaves the viewer feeling as though they've missed something rather important... important like the whole point of this particular story arc.  Still, Koko's headed off to England yet - watch out K-ON movie, you've got competition!

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