Friday, 18 May 2012

Eureka Seven AO - Episode 6

As if there wasn't enough important stuff going on come the end of last week's Eureka Seven AO, we now have ourselves an entirely different threat to concern ourselves with, as episode six's opening scenes introduce us to a decidedly deadly character who has more than enough blood on the hands judging by the flashbacks to previous misdemeanours to which we're treated.

Meanwhile, things are looking pretty dire for Medon and the Goldilocks team as their attempts to tackle the latest Secret go awry, leaving Ao and company having to scramble to pick up the pieces.  They soon discover that there are rather a lot of pieces to pick up too, with all of Goldilocks pilots injured with their IFOs broken, while the fate of the Medon itself is even more gruesome still.

While the injured are tended to and Ao enjoys a much-needed if impromptu nap, the Secret changes course, making a bee-line for some nearby Scub Coral - in other words, its back to action stations, with Fleur and Elena opting to leave Ao behind to tackle the problem themselves.  Upon awakening Ao is not exactly too thrilled about this, feeling ignored once again before being forced to face facts; that being that he's left behind as a form of protection, not to be forgotten.  Regardless, Ao still feels he has something to offer in this particular battle and so it proves, as it's his strategy which once again wins the day.  There are however, even more direct dangers afoot...

As seems to be the norm for this series so far, Eureka Seven Ao is very much at its best when its delivering its mecha action - the fight to down the show's latest Secret stood out against some of the other elements of exposition and plot progression which felt a little messy in places, particular in terms of the introduction of a major new threat to Generation Bleu which felt like it had been pulled out of somebody's orifice on a whim simply due to the way it was brought into proceedings.  I'm still not entirely sure about this particular shift in the show's focus and how it'll pan out, but for now I'll be continuing to watch with plenty of genuine interest in where the series is headed.

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