Thursday, 3 May 2012

Medaka Box - Episode 5

Following on from some trivial events of late, it seems that Medaka Box is ready to embark on a rather more substantial story arc.  Well, okay, it isn't literally substantial, but it's about as close as this series gets at the moment.

Now that any and all club recruitment drives are over, it's time for the school's wide variety of organisation to actually start doing what they do - a shift which in turn has seen a massive influx of requests to increase club's budgets, to the point where even Medaka herself is coming under strain with seemingly not enough money to satisfy everyone's requests.  Thus, it's time to take the only obvious route available to the student council - hold a contest!

With a request in the suggestion box to use the school's fancy new (but ultimately ununsed) swimming pool for an event, it seems as if the council have come across a perfect solution to the problem, as they device a number of games based around the swimming pool but without relying explicitly upon swimming.  To spice things up, even the student council themselves will be competing with the fifteen clubs vying for a bigger budget, with the promise of anybody who beats them seeing their money tripled at Medaka's own expense.  It certainly sounds like fun, but given that Shiranui has already warned of the competitive nature of the school's swimming team when it comes to matters of money, is Medaka heading for a fall?

Actually, who cares?  This was another dull episode that really failed to spark my imagination or interest at all - it isn't even the lack of anything decent about the plot so much as the fact that both the show and characters feel completely lifeless, as though everyone involved is just "phoning in" their work on a Friday afternoon.  A couple of mildly amusing brief moments aside, this week's Medaka Box struggles to produce anything memorable to speak of at all (and no, Medaka in a swimsuit doesn't count), and given that this arc is stretching out into another episode I don't see that changing next time around either.  I'm not quite sure why I'm even persevering with the series at this point.. oh wait, yes I do - I'm a glutton for punishment.  Still, I suppose at least it isn't as dumb as Natsuiro Kiseki...

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