Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tsuritama - Episode 6

It seems that everything is coming up roses all of a sudden - he's gotten to grips with fishing (and duly loves doing it), his summer job is going swimmingly, close friendships have been forged, and to top it all of his grandmother is about to be discharged from hospital.

Given that final piece of good news, it's no surprise that Yuki wants to do something special for her return home, and his choice of homecoming gift is... some freshly caught tuna.  Cue a session in learning how to catch these decidedly tricky critters, and the unique techniques required for a successful operation along these lines.

As well as knowing how to catch tuna, actually tracking them down is a trick in itself - a trick made more difficult by the local's staunch refusal to use Akemi, a local fishing reef simply teeming with the things.  Although Ayumi refuses to take them anywhere near it, the availability of Akira's boat offers a perfect opportunity to help Yuki catch his precious tuna.  The trouble is, it seems that the rumours surrounding Akemi are at least somewhat true, as Haru goes haywire and chaos ensues once they're in the vicinity of that area.  Luckily for those involved, help is soon at hand and little real damage is done - perhaps more importantly, we're finally getting to the crux of exactly what Haru and his sister are seeking.

In line with my weekly thoughts on Tsuritama, I still utterly fail to be taken with it.  Yes, we're coming towards a pivotal point in the series where all is (hopefully) revealed regarding Haru, and perhaps even Akira, but with another half episode taken up with fishing tips and not a lot else to speak of beyond more examples of the importance of friends and family, I'm finding it almost impossible to hold any interest or excitement in any revelations which are just around the corner.  I'm sure that Tsuritama isn't a bad series - it just singularly fails to do anything to hold my attention, leaving me to simply go through the motions each week in the hope that this will suddenly change.  There's certainly no sign of that at this point though, sadly.

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