Monday, 19 September 2011

YuruYuri - Episode 12 (Completed)

It would be disappointing not to see YuruYuri end with a bang - thankfully the presence of science teacher Nishigaki ensures that we have no such worries on that front.

Anyhow, the show's finale focuses on a sleepover in the tea club / amusement club room featuring all of the members of said group as well as the entire student council and the aforementioned science teacher, who I guess was there to oversee any activities but was largely anonymous throughout.  Cue a lot of the usual sleepover fare coupled with YuruYuri's unique take on things throughout, whether it's eating chocolates or wearing cute pyjamas.

In this instance, the show's "unique take" on things consists largely of Akari's continuing role as official series punching bag, most notably when her attempt to bathe in a drum filled with water ends up with her taking a trip into some kind of canyon - a cruel fate that is nonetheless the episode's stand-out laugh out loud funny moment.  That aside, we have Kyoko dressing in tomato pyjamas (no doubt the official merchandise will go on sale shortly), some interesting games to pit amusement club and student council members against one another, and the dangers that come from introducing Chitose to chocolate, which basically involves her sexually assaulting everybody in the room until she runs out of energy.  Yes, that does mean that Akari ends up ruined for marriage.  Again.

So ends another school-based comedy that seems to have become rather more popular than I can fathom given that its content is largely pretty run of the mill at times and downright repetitive at others - it should enter the annals of mediocre anime comedy without another words, but I have a weird feeling we haven't seen the last of this show yet.  For what it's worth, I found YuruYuri to be amusing on occasion to the point of being genuinely laugh out loud funny; amusement that was frequently offset by its over-reliance on sexual humour and over-use of character tropes.  This left us with a series that certainly wasn't bad, but nor was it great - hopefully its direct replacement in the form of a second series of Squid Girl will show us how it's done.  De geso~.

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