Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Kamisama Dolls - Episode 13 (Completed)

For all of my murmurings of "why are they dallying about with this show's plot, they'll never have time to finish its story", we now know exactly why Kamisama Dolls has been rather lackadaisical in its story telling - it has (or at least hopes that is has) a second season up its sleeve.

Anyhow, before we get into all that, we have the far from small matter of a battle between an out of control Magatsuhi and Kukuri to deal with, as the latter sets out to deal brutal damage to the former, cutting Hibino and an unconscious Kyohei free of their otherworldly captor in the process.  While Hibino is fine as all concerned make their escape while Magatsuhi is seemingly obliterated entirely, it takes Kyohei a while to come around - a period of unconsciousness which fills in a few of the gaps regarding his time before leaving his home village, and a situation which provides an enlightening outburst regarding Kyohei's feelings for Hibino.  Ultimately, it seems that Kyohei has himself a girlfriend...

With all of this lovey-dovey stuff resolved, the big two questions posed by the remainder of the episode are the future of Kukuri, who no longer seems to respond to Utao's commands despite being effectively undamaged from its battle (hmm, I wonder why that could be, Kyohei?), and Aki's next move (remember how he was important to the show at one point before we started worrying about Hibino all the time?).  While the first of these points is utterly spoiled for those too dim to guess it already by the trail for a second season, the latter sees Aki heading back to Karakami amidst rumours that the strange kakashi which attacked himself, Kyohei and Mahiru in their youth is now in the charge of the village's leader.

So, as we may well have predicted, very little is resolved as Kamisama Dolls comes to a close, leaving the door not so much open for a second season as flashing "Coming Soon" in neon lights while a scantily-clad girl drapes herself over its frame.  But do we really want a second season?  In truth, Kamisama Dolls has been a hit and miss affair that has suffered on account of clumsy and roundabout story-telling that has frittered away a lot of the obvious potential inherent in its story and set-up.  Perhaps a more focused second season can turn things around, and I certainly believe the series still has something to offer if handled properly, but it's going to have to do a Hell of a lot more than simply offer up some big boobs and slick kakashi battles over Tokyo to keep my interest in the future.

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