Monday, 5 September 2011

Sacred Seven - Episode 10

After his impressive feats of power and endurance towards the end of the previous episode of Sacred Seven, Arma's influence seem to have spread further than he might have imagined, with Ruri's sister Aoi's coma/crystal shattering and dissipating.  Thus, Ruri is happy, the series is over, and they all live happily ever after.

Oh wait, we're not done yet?  Oh, okay then.  So, while Aoi's crystal "prison" has vanished, there's still no sign of life from Aoi herself, while even Arma with his powers can't see any sign of a change from her.  Still, given Ruri's continuing distress, he does at least have the decency to ask her to recount the story of exactly what happened to Aoi to put her into her current state.  That's right kids, it's flashback time!

From here, we've sent back into the childhood of the two sisters (and indeed a young Makoto) as we soon note that Aoi is very much the loud, brash and bossy one compared to her quieter sister - more specifically, we visit the girls family on the cusp of Christmas, with excited preparations giving way to a falling out between Ruri and Aoi over a broken decoration and present for their parents.  Thus, Ruri chooses to stay behind with Makoto to refashion this gift while the rest of the family leave for their holiday home - a decision which ultimately saves her life, as the rest of her family are killed by an attacking Darkstone aside from Aoi, who saves herself using her powers but ends up in her current comatose state.

As recaps go, this was a pretty dull and rather predictable affair - I can't really deny its importance given that we only have a couple of episodes left to run and it was about time the whole story of Kenmi's actions as they pertain to Ruri and her family was explained, but that doesn't stop what we were presented with from being a bit yawn-worthy.  As last week's episode proved, Sacred Seven is at its best when it's doing balls to the wall action rather than emotional drama or any kind of deeper story-telling - I just hope it's planning an action-packed finale rather a straight-out dramatic one as a result.

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