Monday, 12 September 2011

Sacred Seven - Episode 11

As we enter the final straight of Sacred Seven, things very suddenly and unexpectedly get tough for Ruri, as her Aiba foundation finds itself at the centre of a tax evasion scandal which sees both her and most of her team of maids arrested.

With Kagami pretty much the only Aiba Foundation employee to avoid the police's attention (although goodness knows why), it seems that it's left up to himself and Tandoji to somehow rescue Ruri and find out what's going on.  It probably doesn't need to be mentioned that the mastermind of this plan is Kenmi, and as his own personal forces look set to capture Kagami and Arma to complete his plan so a surviving fragment of that aforementioned maid army come to their rescue in spectacular and well-equipped fashion.

With any doubts as to who is responsible for what's going on eliminated, it's to take on Kenmi and his facility to save Ruri, with Knight also appearing to lend his own strength to proceedings - a necessary addition it seems as Kenmi beings his "experimentation" on Ruri; a state of affairs which leads to her  body taking the same actions as her sister when confronted with danger.  As our motley crew of heroes storm the building, it seems that success is in sight as Tandoji reaches Ruri - but Kenmi isn't done with his own plans just yet...

We knew that everything was going to kick off in this week's episode of Sacred Seven, but I have to confess even I wasn't expecting quite such a rapid jump-start to get things moving for this final story arc as it dumped us practically straight into the thick of things.  Not that this is particularly bad news, as the series seem to operate best on a break-neck pace, and thus this week's instalment is a predictable yet pretty satisfying affair with plenty of action and smatterings of plot progression to fill out the episode nicely.  There really isn't a lot to say beyond that  - Sacred Seven is pretty good at just doing its job without dropping your jaw and free of any bells and whistles, to make for a simple yet half-decent series; certainly, I don't see next week's finale changing that much.

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