Monday, 5 September 2011

YuruYuri - Episode 10

It's time for the customary school trip as we hit YuruYuri's tenth episode, which in turn means leaving Akari (as well as Sakurano and Himawari) behind as she's relegated to nothing but a cameo at the top of the episode once again.  Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, mind you...

So, it's off to Kyoto we go with the remainder of the cast, with most of our time spent following a clearly hyperactive Kyoko as she bounces around the place like a raccoon on steroids, much to the irritation of Yui, even if Chitose and Ayano don't seem to mind so much for their own individual reasons...

Overall, everything here is exactly as you'd expect, with those present on the trip visiting tourist destinations, buying gifts, taking a bath together and having pillow fights - it's just another typical school trip episode if you ignore Chitose's constant nose bleeds, at least.

Despite being nothing new, I have to admit that this has been one of YuruYuri's better episodes - it made me laugh a few times with snappy one-liners or outbursts, while Chitose's fantasies were just about reigned in far enough not to be irritating while the other characters offset Kyoko's ridiculous energy levels.  In short, this wasn't a bad way to spend twenty minutes of a Monday evening, so despite being nothing spectacular this week's episode gets an "entertaining enough" rating from me.

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