Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Kamisama Dolls - Episode 11

After relaying much of the incident surrounding Kyohei, Aki and Mahiru during their childhood last episode, this eleventh instalment of Kamisama Dolls opens by concluding this tale of how Kyohei practically "lost his mind", although to be honest the part of the story that Kuga can't remember isn't exactly as shocking as you might have expected beyond serving as an example of Kukuri's power.

Anyhow, the rest of the episode from this point forward sees Mahiru on the warpath, largely thanks to Aki as he deliberately antagonises her by claiming that Hibino is Kyohei's girlfriend.  Needless to say, the Kyohei-obssessed Mahiru is none too pleased to hear this, and so does what any woman would do in such a scenario - kidnap her love rival.

After snatching Hibino away during a shopping trip with Moyako, Mahiru locks her away in the penthouse apartment that has been rented for her while she takes issue with Hibino's "bouncy castle" and generally acts like the jealous little brat that she is.  While taking her leave to go and invite Kyohei on a "date" of sorts, Hibino is left with other concerns to worry about, although it seems that Mahiru will be returning sooner rather than later after an utterly abortive attempt at talking to Kyohei that leaves her even more flustered and angry by the time she makes her literal whirlwind departure.

Had this been relative early in the series, I probably wouldn't be too harsh on this episode of Kamisama Dolls - some of its humour was pretty decent and Mahiru's Tasmanian devil act has a certain energy to it that the series perhaps needed.  However, this isn't relatively early in the series - we now only have two more episodes to run, yet the various plot points of the series are now scattered all over the place as though they've been paid a visit by Mahiru themselves.  Given the grand conspiracies going on both in Tokyo and back at their home village, this doesn't seem like the time to be kidnapping Hibino to grope her boobs or worry about trivialities such as who is or isn't dating who, yet that's exactly what we're doing here.  It's also exactly why Kamisama Dolls is proving to be such a disappointment, as it leaves its more intriguing elements on the sidelines so that it can paw someone's tits and concentrate on pointless stuff for a bit.

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