Wednesday, 23 June 2010

K-ON!! - Episode 12

With the gates opening at this year's Glastonbury festival today here in the UK, it's nice to see the girls of K-ON! celebrating with their own tribute to this most fabulous of events.

Okay, so they weren't exactly celebrating Glastonbury, but oh well... close enough. Anyhow, I digress - It's the summer break as we hit episode twelve of the series, and despite Sawako's reminder as homeroom teacher that studying and doing some thing productive are requirements of this time, Yui's mind is clearly elsewhere.... with thoughts of another training camp more specifically. But where to hold it this time? The beach? The mountains? Or, how about at Summer Fest, a yearly rock concert? With Sawako providing the tickets, that's that settled.

From here on in, it seems as though poor old Azusa is liable to be the only voice of sanity when placed between a hungover Sawako, travel sick Yui and Yakisoba obsessed Mugi - Even the normally sensible Mio appears to have lost her mind somewhat amidst the promise of so much live music. Still, once at the event itself "normal" service is resumed (at least as normal as you can get with this bunch), be it an obsession with food or Yui's other "special" qualities.

There isn't a huge amount to say about this episode really - It wasn't as laugh out loud funny as other recent instalments and it was a pretty strong example of an episode of this franchise where "stuff just happens". Then again, on a hot day with the aforementioned Glastonbury on the horizon and the sun shining into the room this episode just felt very, very "right", which it made it pretty enjoyable in its own way, even if that saccharine ending was ever-so slightly cringe-worthy. It does make me wish I was at some kind of festival myself this summer though, notwithstanding the festival of football currently being served up to us every day.


Anonymous said...

I always like it when K'On!! focuses on their love of music and their ambitions as a band; it gives the show a touch of extra weight that keeps it from drifting away in a breeze... and I liked the bit where Yui was just sitting there watching or Mio was happy about finding a cool t-shirt and a left-handed player.

Plus, it was fun seeing Azunyan be sensible and Mio O.D. on music.

JW said...

How much weed did Mugi smoke to be that hungry for that long?

Having heard the gruesome tales of Woodstock and like events, the sound of people heralding trash-pickup made me smile and think, "That is so Japanese."

I love K-ON.

Hanners said...

"Mugi Gets The Munchies" sounds like a K-ON OVA in its own right... :p

I laughed at the organised way of dealing with litter too - Certainly not something you'd see at most other festivals!