Wednesday, 9 June 2010

K-ON!! - Episode 10

We've been hearing non-stop complaints and protestations from Sawako about her life as a single woman throughout K-ON!, but is the light music club girl's homeroom teacher hiding something? Heated discussion in public and irritated responses to mobile phone call certainly seem to suggest so.

Thus, the girls turn detective to find out what is really going on with Sawako, following her after school (with inevitably hilarious consequences) only to find that she's meeting with a woman to talk about something. Who is she, and why those fiery discussions?

It turns out that the woman in question is Norimi, another former member of the school light music club back in Sawako's time. As one of their former school friends is getting married, Norimi is trying to re-unite the members of Death Devil for a performance at the wedding reception, something which Sawako is point-blank refusing to take part in lest it sully her reputation as a squeaky-clean and much-love school teacher. Can the light music club girls change her mind, or are they condemned to having to take part in the festivities by filling in for Sawako's position within Death Devil instead?

After the previous episode of K-ON!! proved to be pleasant but forgettable, this week's instalment succeeded in taking its place as one of the best episodes of the franchise yet - It was nice to have a little more focus on Sawako (who is often side-lined within stories as a natural side-effect of her position), but more importantly the way the whole chain of events was played out was fantastically funny, with plenty of great moments and outright laughs before the final denoument of seeing the light music club girls kitted out with some ridiculously cute approximation of punk fashion. When K-ON!! does things well, it really does them well, and this particular episode is probably a perfect example to the doubters as to exactly what makes this franchise what it is. For all of the dreamy slice-of-life where nothing happens, this show can be hugely funny and entertaining, and this effort was certainly both of those things.

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JW said...

Oh woooowwww...

Go Sawa-chan.

Ne, Hanners: Do you think she was still single after that reception?

On a side note, I thought the groom was adorable.

You're right. This is the best episode ever in K-ON.