Friday, 25 June 2010

Durarara!! - Episode 24 (Completed)

So the roller coaster that is Durarara!! comes to an end, but not before its penultimate episode left us with a big old cliffhanger, with all three of the show's main protagonists (four, if you count Selty too) dumped into a room full of angry and violent so-called Yellow Scarves members.

While these four prepare to defend themselves, it turns out that they don't have to as, out of nowhere, a civil war erupts between the Yellow Scarves/Blue Square members... except they aren't all members of that group at all, as we soon see that Kadota and a number of Dollars members have infiltrated the meeting, and make the most of this opportunity to make their presence felt.

This gives us a bit of time for Masaomi, Mikado and Anri to apologise for their various secrets and find that their friendship has endured regardless of these problems, giving us the first of what proves to be numerous warm and fuzzy "awww" moments. While Izaya escapes Anri's clutches, he fails to avoid having a hefty punch landed upon him by Simon as punishment for his part in proceedings, while he also loses Saki who finally disobeys him to set herself up for a life with Masaomi - an opportunity he also takes by leaving for pastures new with her. Even Selty seems to have forgotten about her head issues as she finally seems to settle down with Shinra.

While this is all good and well, and I can't begrudge the series a happy ending, this finale does leave far, far more questions than it does answers - in short, it's resolved very little. For starters, has the Izaya that has proved to be an expert judge of character and behaviour really just suddenly lost his touch at a pivotal moment? Certainly, the much-touted all-out war in Ikebukuro never emerged, and what of Selty's head? Both Izaya and Selty no longer seem quite so interested. While I'm in a questioning mood, what about Shingen Kishitani, who disappeared as quickly as he arrived? And how about Anri's future, continuing to hold Saika's being as she does?

Perhaps this all means there's room for a second series, but I can't pretend to be anything but a bit disappointed with the way everything has been wrapped up here, precisely because virtually nothing has been - It's an ending that gave me the odd smile, but hasn't left me ultimately satisfied (even in terms of animation quality which seemed to take a drop here), and that's a little tough to swallow after twenty-four episodes. Then again, the montage of great scenes which accompany the closing credits to Durarara!! reminds me that I've had a fantastic number of great moments during the course of the series - I've laughed, I'm shaken my head at outrageous excess, I've been fascinated and I've been turned this way and that by the series. When I start thinking back to all those moments, my disappointment is assuaged quite heavily, which I imagine is exactly what the producers wanted - You may not have given me my ideal ending Durarara!!, but you did give me one hell of a ride.


JW said...

I don't mind the idea of a second series, but I still want at least some of the issues resolved satisfactorily along with a hint of continuation. I am decidedly unhappy with this ending because it did not leave on an impressive note, and hinted at finality. "That's all Folks!".

Meh. They had BETTER have a second season.

Milanor said...

Meh. Meh, meh, meh.

An inconclusive conclusion. I can't say that I'm very surprised. Yet it was still somehow satisfying...sort of.

I'm sure the light novel series ties things up a little nicer. I guess the best we can hope for is a season two to figure out what the hell happened to Shingen.

And the head thing. The first half of the series kinda set that up as a major thread to follow...and then it was dropped because Selty decided sex with Shinra was better.

*shrugs* We'll see what the future brings, or doesn't bring, as the case may be.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see an OVA or something just to tie up the loose ends (maybe showing Izaya, Anri, and Selty more), but I don't feel like there needs to be a 2nd season. A 2nd season in my opinion would just add too much stuff and probably end up convoluted and incomplete too.

But I gotta say. Saki x Masaomi is soooo cute. ><

BigFire said...

There is enough material in novel 4-7 for them to do a second season. There are some really nice new characters, starting with Izaya's insane twin sisters, Russian assasins, etc. But if you think this ending is inconclusive, the ending in novel 6 is a cliffhanger.

pgal said...

Off topic...
You should watch Baccano, it is great and, in my option, superior to Durarara.

Just give a few episodes a try ;)

Hanners said...

Baccano is very much on my "to watch" list - It's getting a released in the UK later this year, so hopefully I'll get to pick it up then.

Manga Therapy said...

They need to have a second season. There's a lot more developments in the light novel. With Volume 8 released, I wouldn't be surprised that they continue the momentum with another season.

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