Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Death Devil - Love (K-ON!! insert single)

Really, what kind of a band name is Death Devil? They sound like the kind of group that should be supporting Spinal Tapor something. Anyhow, I guess I'll let them off the hook on that one considering they are supposed to be a light music club high school band after all.

Anyhow, as a big of a break from the serene pop goings-on of Ho-kago Tea Time, the latest insert single to come from the K-ON!! juggernaut is courtesy of Sawako's light music club band of years gone by, the aforementioned Death Devil.

Needless to say (and as the band name suggests), Death Devil's musical approach is rather different to those of their contemporaries, preferring hard and fast rock music to a light and fluffy time... although if I'm honest and you listen closely, you can see obvious similarities in the song structures and sensibilities of the two. Who'd have thought, it's almost like they're written by the same people!

Anyhow, the two tracks contained within this insert single, Love and its B-side Genom respectively, can only be described as "fun" - They're hardly the kind of serious rock that will have hardcore Black Sabbath fans eschewing Ozzie Osborne for Sawako or anything, and they arguably try a little too hard to be rock songs, but no matter how much effort they put in the pop sensibilities are still there for all to see. Not that this is a bad thing - While neither track is the kind of enduring fare you'll want to listen to over and over, they are pretty entertaining, and quite the change of pace from K-ON!'s normal fare.

If nothing else, I'm quite curious to see how well this single sells in Japan - Are otaku out there really buying anything K-ON! related, or will they draw the line at this particular release? I know where my money is...

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