Friday, 11 June 2010

HEROMAN - Episode 11

While the government's NIS agency are still hot on the trail of their so-called "ghost", Joey finds himself with something arguably even more troublesome to concern himself with - The return of his sister Holly after four years. It's funny how characters in anime never mention their siblings until they turn up out of the blue, isn't it?

Anyhow, Holly's return is a rather belated reaction to the Skrugg invasion of Center City, butof course in no time Joey's older sister is up to her old tricks, causing all sorts of minor irritations for Joey by stealing his time in the shower and making herself at home in his room.

Meanwhile, NIS agent Hughes is still on the hunt of the mysterious white being which has been helping with reconstruction efforts around the city in the dead of night, and ends up at the door of Doctor Minami to request his thoughts and assistance. With this done, he lays a trap for Heroman, simulating an incident where he would be called into action to help people, only to be left meeting our "friend" from the NIS himself. Luckily for Joey he manages to remain unsighted, giving both himself and Heroman an opportunity to escape... although not before Holly catches a brief glimpse of Heroman in action, enough to persuade her to stay in town a little longer to find out what's going on for herself.

So, another week goes by and here we have another rather run-of-the-mill episode of HEROMAN, complete with the appearance of a problematic older sister out of the blue who takes up a lot of the episode without actually achieving anything in particular (apart from an excuse to release a HEROMAN insert single and make some more cash, I suppose). Still, this instalment does at least grant us a little equally predictable progress in the story of the government's interest in Heroman, which looks set to peak in the next episode - Just in time for Lina to get a change of clothes too! While HEROMAN remains enjoyable enough in its own generic way, I still can't help but think they'd have been best to let the series end with the defeat of the Skrugg; this whole endeavour feels like continuation for continuation's sake at the moment.


Snark said...

Holly is awesome. She should take over main character duties from Joey.

JW said...

I liked her "Here kid, have some porn" scene.

You know Joey, consider the fact that your lying on your bed, giggling about how someone asked you out and talking to a DOLL, and don't worry about what a GUY needs to do on a date.

Robert said...

Bear in mind that the Skrugg will inevitably be back, though - after all, we did have that scene of Nick taking a pod from the crater of the tower.

JW said...


You sure that was Nick? If it was I'll be disappointed. I was hoping that they'd have the guts to kill off a character.

Hanners said...

The intimation was certainly that it was Nick as I saw it too, and it seems like just the sort of thing that this series would do, for better or worse.