Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ladies versus Butlers! - Episode 4

It's probably no surprise to say that mere seconds into this fourth episode of Ladies versus Butlers!, Hino has managed to get him into a tight spot which, naturally, involves a female in a state of undress.

However, even by his standards, Hino is really in a pickle this time, for the female in question is none other than the high-class lady known as Ayse Khadim (don't worry, I promise not to make any "Ayse Ayse Baby" jokes. Apart from that one, cut me some slack here) - A girl from a family whose rules seemingly state that any man who seems a girl's flesh must marry her without fail. This in itself might be something you could talk yourself out of if said lady wasn't accompanied by a manic, split personality, sword-wielding maniac of a woman.

With that particular plot device teed up, it is of course time for the usual dose of fan service that is this show's primary goal, and indeed this series seems to be ramping up the nudity by the week, with the otherwise practically mute Ayse spending much of the episode absolutely naked. Throw in some changing room shots, a pair of lesbians and Ayse's seduction techniques, and you have pretty much everything we've come to expect from this series by now.

To be fair, once again there are a couple of smile-worthy slapstick visual gags, but that's pretty much all there is to be found within an instalment otherwise entirely designed to titillate and subscribe to some male fantasy or another. I have to continue to admit that this series is at least better than Kanokon somehow (which I dropped faster than an Apple iPad pre-order), but then again that's not exactly saying much - Slightly better than terrible isn't the kind of tagline this show is looking for, I'm sure.

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