Tuesday, 19 January 2010

K-ON! - Live House! OVA / Episode 14

If you thought that Sora no Woto would be your sole outpost for cute girls with an interest in music for this winter season, then you clearly reckoned without the appearance of K-ON!'s fourteenth episode in OVA form, subtitled Live House! and bundled with the final volume of the show's release on Blu-Ray.

This episode sees a friend of Ritsu's, who is also a drummer with a band, inviting the girls to try their hand playing a New Year's gig at a proper music club - An exciting time that Mio and Asuza seem keen to avoid before being swayed to agree to take part by the rest of the gang.

From here, we see the the light music club's quintet thrown in at the deep end somewhat as they find themselves preparing for arguably their biggest gig so far, complete with lights and a proper, paying crowd. From backstage passes through to farcical moments at the rehearsal, we get to enjoy every bit of their experience from beginning to end.

Indeed, it's that infectious enthusiasm which absolutely and completely carries this episode - You can't help but be swept up in Yui's excitement about even the smallest of things, while of course there's a fair old dose of occasional light-hearted humour to raise the odd smile, and even a laugh at times (Yui's microphone incident in particular cracked me up for some reason). In short, this is everything that made the series proper of K-ON! enjoyable in the first place, and both the animation quality and the content of the episode itself bodes well for the green-lit second season of the show. Sure, it's light and fluffy with nothing but a soft centre in the middle, but could you ask for anything more from this series? It's fun to watch, and that's all there is to it... In fact, that's all there should be to it, and this K-ON! OVA delivers quite admirably.


Yeong Shiong said...

Great ep. The humor works well and I some how like how Yui pronounce "Love Crisis" in the beginning.

Skull said...

Yui had one of the most ridiculously funny faces at the end when she was eating that noodle soup.

Krungie said...

Well done. Yui spreads her dose of "Funneh and Stupid" on this OVA. Hope that this series will continue to impress in the 2nd season.