Thursday, 14 January 2010

Dance in the Vampire Bund - Episode 2

Dance in the Vampire Bund's opening episode seemed to get a pretty mixed response from those who watched it, but personally I really rather enjoyed what it did, or rather how it attempted to it. An introductory episode is, however, just that, meaning that this series has to try all over again to keep my interest in this second episode.

This particular instalment shifts our focus somewhat towards Akira Kaburagi, who made a brief appearance in the first episode but has his particular story massively fleshed out as we begin the series proper. Come the start of the episode, Akira seems to be a pretty typical high school student (and how many times have I written that on this 'blog before?!), albeit one who gets a strange feeling whenever the topic of vampires comes us - Something which is happening increasingly often after Mina Tepes rather spectacular introduction to the world on national television.

The reason for Akira's unease soon becomes clear as he ends up face to face with Miss Tepes herself, a meeting which leaves Akira with a splitting headache and Mina in tears - Clearly there is a history to this pair, and of course by the end of the instalment we learn properly just what this relationship is. In the meantime however, this episode delights in building this relationship between Mina and Akira, while also interspersing these moments with brief but intense bursts of action, as shadowy forces make clear their intent to kill Mina Tepes; intentions which only serve to hasten the return of Akira's memories and instincts.

It's actually a bit difficult to know what to make of this second episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund in many ways - In some senses it all feels very typical and run-of-the-mill, but at the same time that (thanks largely to some excellent and borderline break-neck pacing) didn't stop it from being utterly entertaining, helped along its way by those occasional but inevitable SHAFT flourishes that gave the episode a visual edge. Of course, with so many questions about the series and the direction it's headed still to be answered, it's too early to make any real judgement on the value of the show just yet, but if nothing else this episode sets out Dance in the Vampire Bund's stall as a series that should at least keep things moving at a fast enough pace to avoid too many long and protracted periods of boredom.


Yuriness - Shoujo-ai & Yuri Anime said...

Erm, I didn’t get it? She was superpowerful in the first episode. I mean, a guy died just because she told him to. And now in this episode she lost all that wicked aura and got totally beaten up? Allucard would be soo dissapointed! She seemed like a totally different person. Wtf was that about?

I’m hating the fact that vampires are turning into animals. Why can’t they just be vampires? It would be so much cooler. A wolf or a bat would be ok, tho. But a freaking chameleon and a spider? Not even a Gangrel would make sense of this shit LOL

But the animation is wicked. I loved the character design!

Hanners said...

There were quite a few arguable plot holes and moments which didn't make much sense in isolation, but I'm hoping at least some of these things will be tied up as the series progresses.

dm said...

Mina was surprised that she had no power over this Vampire, too --- apparently her power is part of the vampire genetic makeup (she asks what blood-line her attacker is from). The manga-ka has said that he encouraged Shaft to create an original story, perhaps part of what is going on involves "artificial vampires" or something.

The creatures that vampires turn into are supposed to represent their "true form", which also says something about the sort of creature they are (Mina has a true form, too, and it's a bit surprising).

I liked this episode --- good action, some surprising comic moments --- though I could do without the lotion scene (though I was amused at Mina's "these clothes make me so clumsy" --- it explains her evident taste in dress).

Anonymous said...

SHAFT is generally know for their strong dialogue and decent stories. So far DVB has neither. Action is bleh, so hope they put a new spin. It would be a waste to see a hackneyed series.

Krungie said...

I have to admit, naked ten year olds don't appeal to me. I don't know why, I might be weird but the "spread lotion all over me when I'm butt-naked" scene was not welcome. Other than that this episode was so-so. The Vamps turning into insects is kind of.. Nerdy? I don't know how to explain it but it seems that way to me.

I agree with Yuriness, that her "aura" was indeed shattered, but that was because Amnesia Boy was used as a distraction basically. But then guess what? Amnesia Boy turns into a Jacob-esque type(that was for all you Twilight geeks) and saves Vamp Queen.

I would like this series to keep their creepy feel, I guess you could call it. No more Vamps turning into weird lizards, etc. Love that they throw in the occasional comedy and romance(maybe). I'll be watching this anime hoping for a new twist on the much used topic of Vampires.

Yuriness - Shoujo-ai and Yuri Anime said...

The guy is really a werewolf in the manga too?