Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Kimi ni Todoke - Episode 13

The previous episode of Kimi ni Todoke rather cruelly left us hanging right on the cusp of Kurumi's plan to snatch Kazehaya for herself by persuading him than Sawako was more interested in Ryuu - But surely such a plan would never work?

Thankfully, you'd be absolutely right to think that, and it's no real surprise to see Kurumi's plan fail outright. What perhaps is a little more surprise is just how direct Kazehaya's actions are in the matter, snatching Sawako by the hand and dragging her off somewhere quiet to ask her whether she likes Ryuu. For once, Sawako actually manages to answer clearly and concisely, leaving a relieved Kazehaya in no doubt as to her relationship with Ryuu, but the entire scenario finally brings into sharp relief Kazehaya's selfish and possessive side, which leaves him feeling ashamed until Sawako tells him that she really doesn't mind if he is like that from time to time. It's a surprisingly forthright conversation between the two of them, which only falls flat when Kazehaya brings up a question about dating which pretty much sails over Sawako's head.

Aside from that all-important exchange, the rest of the episode sees Yano continuing to hunt for proof of Kurumi's involvement in recent goings-on, while Yoshida singularly fails to "get it" when it comes to what Kurumi has been trying to achieve. This finally leads to a confrontation between Yano and Kurumi herself (who I think it's fair to say is now having a decidedly bad day); a confrontation interrupted by Sawako, who Yano has no problem with spilling the beans about what's going on to.

Perhaps a week without this series is a case of absence making the heart grow fonder, but I have to say that I absolutely adored this episode from beginning to end - The all-important conversation between Kazehaya and Sawako was played out beautifully, and actually showed us a different side to both of the main characters, while Kurumi's ever-worsening day was both a beautiful slice of serendipity which turned into outright hilarity as her odd behaviour gives Pin completely the wrong idea, in turn succeeding in embarrassing her in front of Kazehaya of all people. If that wasn't enough, even the climax to this episode holds promise aplenty - Just how will Sawako react to the news that someone she (wrongly) thought of as a friend has betrayed and used her? It's fascinating stuff, and Kimi ni Todoke's wonderful uses of character for story-telling, emotion and humour in equal measure is nigh-on perfect, while also leaving said characters so much room to breath and grow that every episode is a genuine experience. No surprise that a live-action movie of the manga which spawned this series has been commissioned.


JW said...

LIVE ACTION??? :O Oh yes baby. :)

This episode had me cracking up.

For some dumb reason, I teared up during the conversation between Sawako and Kazehaya. I guess it was really that nice to see them talking together in such an intimate manner.

Hanners said...

I'm usually the first to break out the tissues, but I remained composed during that conversation... It was more of an "Awwww" moment that left me grinning that one to make me tear up.

Personally, I was in stitches laughing at Pin's misunderstanding with Kurumi and her reaction to it. Priceless.

DoctorG said...

Kurumi, you foolish girl, now you’ve learned the hard way that all that effort to make sure you don’t lose is a good way of making things turn out so you can’t win. Her humiliation by Pin was, it must be said, richly deserved and very amusing, although I suspect that the teacher might be facing a harassment charge in a less respectful society.

In fact, this episode managed a nice balance of amusement and the fluffy sparkly cute stuff; Yano’s evil persona, and the laugh that petered out into a bout of coughing was pretty good in the former category, as was Yoshida’s general denseness (although, really, she’s just too good-natured to make a proper partner in retributive justice to Yano). Kazehaya and Sawako were as cute as could be wished, and at least we didn’t get the predictable misunderstandings vis-a-vis Ryu stopping further progress in their relationship. Although when it comes to a relationship, Kazehaya’s got a job on his hands, to be sure!

While most people would use the opportunity to put the boot into the weasely Kurumi, don’t you think that Sawako’s going to be sympathetic next time?