Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Hatsukoi Limited: Gentei Shoujo - Episodes 5-6 (Completed)

So, at long last Soako Andou's day at school sans underwear comes to an end, and without anybody discovering her shameful secret. Except she's forgotten all about the fact that she'd agreed to pose for the after-school art class today. Ah.

Needless to say, posing in front of a bunch of students with their eyes seemingly boring into her is quite an uncomfortable ordeal, made worse when Soako takes a break, picks the wrong faucet to use and ends up... well, Soakoed. Do you see what I did there?

With her clothes dripping wet, her lack of underwear threatens to reveal itself, leaving Soako to lock herself away, before being faced with the prospect of getting naked at school so that she can dry her uniform. There's obvious room for even further embarrassment here, but God bless young Zaitsu for not taking advantage of the situation and proving himself to be a true gentleman.

Needless to say, these final episodes of Gentei Shoujo were the pinnacle of this short series of Blu-Ray episodes in terms of fan service, revealing nothing yet suggesting everything - If Benny Hill were an anime producer, this is the kind of show he would have created. I cringe whenever I find myself using a phrase such as "fan service" done right, but actually Gentei Shoujo somehow manages to fit that bill - Yes, it's all just a ruse to send a girl to school with no underwear and leave her no choice but to strip off entirely, but hey, at least it managed to be somewhat amusing in the process.

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