Monday, 21 December 2009

Winter 2010 anime preview

The start of a new year will also mean the start of a new anime season in just a couple of short weeks, so what (if anything) is there for us to look forward to as 2010 kicks into life?

I've just completed and published UK Anime's usual new season anime preview (complete with images and trailers wherever possible), so for a run-down of what you might be watching come January check it out!

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FaS said...

Sup hanner! Long time no read! Anyways, I changed my avatar if you're confused. To be quite honest, I want to see Chu-Bra!! the most. Everyone's been banging it so hard :( But watch, I bet it'll be as charming as ever an upskirt kind of way haha.

DRRR!! is looking mighty fun too. Btw, I have all the latest trailers, subbed uploaded to youtube under 'finalanimestop' or just stop by the site. Anyways, Vampire bund's gonna be great too. I doubt it'll have as much bloodshed as Elfen Lied especially since I read the anime...but who knows.