Monday, 21 December 2009

White Album - Episode 25

As if there hadn't been enough drama to go around in recent episodes of White Album, so the previous instalment of the series saw Rina poisoned at the hands of yet another dastardly plot - Boy, have there been plenty of those in this series.

While Rina survives this assault easily enough, her voice isn't so lucky, and she finds herself temporarily unable to speak (or indeed to sing) - A cruel thing to happen to by far this series most entertaining character, if you ask me. Of course, this state of affairs puts her place at the Venus festival in jeopardy, and so throughout the episode we see her fight to regain her voice in time to take part.

Meanwhile, Touya seems to have gotten a bit of a sulk on, although I suppose you can't really blame him after screwing up pretty much everything for everybody... Wait, let me rephrase that - I suppose you can't really blame him after screwing pretty much everybody. Old habits seem to die hard though, as he still can't resist flirting with Yayoi while Yuki is in the bathroom just around the corner (not that Yuki really seems too concerned with what he does these days, and rightly so), and come the end of the episode he gets a golden opportunity to "complete the Menou route" (if you know what I mean) before being rudely interrupted by M3's president, who is also Menou's mother of course. Talk about awkward.

I suppose I should really be interested in how this series is going to end now we've reached this penultimate instalment, but somehow I'm not particularly - Everything seems to have been left in such a mess that none of the major characters really deserve one another, and to be honest even a "bad end" for Touya wouldn't even satisfy me. In that sense, White Album seems to have painted itself into a corner of overblown drama and misery, and I'm really not too sure that it can escape that corner before the paint dries. We shall have to see though, I suppose.

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