Monday, 7 December 2009

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Episode 35

With the appearance of Sloth from right underneath Fort Briggs, the Elric Brothers found themselves put in rather a tight spot with regard to their knowledge of the Homunculus and everything that's going on... However, such difficulties are naturally only a secondary concern compared to dealing with the Homunculus himself.

In what you could call typical Briggs fashion, this is dealt with using more than a smidgen of brute force, using tanks and the like to literally push Sloth out of the Fort before leaving the fuel poured upon him to freeze and thus render him unable to move - A plan to which Ed and Al apply the final flourish, but this isn't enough to stop them being locked up by Major General Armstrong for their unwillingness to talk.

While Doctor Marcoh and May Chang decipher and start to wrap their heads around the research now at their disposal, and Kimblee returns to full health within Fort Briggs following his fight with Scar, the Elric Brothers get to see the vast tunnel which Sloth was busying himself with, and after some thought it appears to be part of a vast transmutation circle. But to what end? As Edward and company pore over the map after spilling the beans to Armstrong about what they know, so it becomes clear just how deep (and more importantly how far back) this particular rabbit hole goes. However, with the arrival of Lieutenant General Raven from Central, is this an opportunity to turn the tide at least somewhat against those abusing the military's power?

Even though this episode arguably dipping into politics and history more than it did all-out action or the like, it was no less fascinating for it - This is one of those instalments that is gripping to watch simply because of the odd dramatic tension that it holds, much like watching some important moves in a game of a chess. It might not be fast-paced or eye-catching, but provided you're suitably engrossed in the story in the first place then it comes surprisingly close to becoming ege of the seat stuff as you look forward to seeing who can gain an upper hand in this battle of wits. It's a slightly different from Fullmetal Alchemist from the episodes featuring alchemy action aplenty, but it's remains hugely watchable.


JW said...

Edward looks like Christmas. :)

Kristy Anne Nunis said...

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Hanners said...

I've been posting about every episode of Kimi ni Todoke ( so yes, you could say I'm familiar with it...

Anonymous said...

we are slowly building towrds some really serious stuff, i cant wait! next episode, watch out for the shadows!