Sunday, 20 December 2009

Natsu no Arashi - Episode 25

It rarely takes much for the Hakobune café to be thrown into chaos, but this time around all sorts of scandal and insanity breaks loose thanks to the visit of a girl who seems to have an unfounded desire to kiss whoever tries to serve her.

It turns out that the woman in question is in fact a manga artists, looking for inspiration so that she can draw the final kissing scene required to finish her work before the deadline for it expires. Eventually, Arashi finds herself compelled to offer her help, and so that aforementioned insanity ensues, with the decidedly difficult decision of who should pose alongside Arashi causing plenty of red faces and controversy.

You can probably pretty much guess how the rest of the episode goes from here, as it swings between teasing us with Arashi posing wiht the likes of Kaya and Yayoi, Hajime attempting to kiss Jun while completely oblivious to her true gender, and both Hajime and Arashi getting more than a little jealous when the other appears certain to kiss someone else, even though they refuse to pose together for the scene.

All things considered, this is an utterly daft instalment even by Natsu no Arashi's standards, but to be fair it does manage to carry itself with some degree of poise on account of higher than usual production values and a few moments that proved to be quite amusing scattered throughout like a handful of salt. While none of that is enough to even bring this episode up to the level of what you could call "good" per se, it just about scrapes together enough entertainment value to remain watchable, even though it once again leaves me calling into question the purpose of this second half of the series when I consider how it's almost entirely consisted of what you would label as filler.

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