Sunday, 13 December 2009

Natsu no Arashi - Episode 24

After pretty much resolving the issues between Hajime and Arashi over the last couple of episodes, I suppose it was perhaps inevitable that Natsu no Arashi would return to focusing on Jun for this latest instalment of the series.

Indeed, this particular episode depicts a decidedly bizarre day for Jun - After seeing Kaya sneak into her room to mess with her alarm clock, Jun awakes late only to find that she's changed in some decidedly... err, "womanly" ways. What on Earth is going on? Nothing that makes any sense of course, this is Natsu no Arashi after all, but regardless Jun panics and rushes to Hakobune to seek the help of Kaya.

The trouble is, before she can find Kaya she runs into Arashi and the rest of the gang, and so once again Jun decides to hide the truth by instead pretending to be Jun's older sister, Ryoko. From her, she ends up getting roped into planning her own surprise birthday party (the reason for Kaya altering Jun's alarm clock in the first place), a state of affairs which has both its positives and negatives. All's well that ends well however, with Jun's body returning to normal just in time for her to attend the party and act suitably surprised.

Despite this episode having plot holes you could drive a bus through from beginning to end, I can't really fault this episode for at least being quite fun and at least taking a different path down the otherwise tired route of Jun's gender confusion shenanigans. That said, there really isn't much else noteworthy to say about the instalment (aside from a cursory mention of fully developed Jun's allure, maybe), and it does seem as though we're just going to be churning through the motions for the remainder of this series now, which is a real shame given the promise that Natsu no Arashi has occasionally demonstrated.

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