Saturday, 21 November 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 44

Switzerland and Liechtenstein kick off Hetalia: Axis Powers' forty-forth episode - After a brief vignette about how border control between these two countries works, we see Switzerland trying to teach Liechtenstein about the dangers of the world, a lesson made rather difficult by the distractingly cute nature of Switzerland's illustrations.

From here, we jump to a very brief section where Japan marvels at the cultural differences between himself and America when it comes to create gaudy-looking food with unappetising names (he has to snap a picture of it, of course), before Canada comes to give America a ticking off for his bad behaviour (which naturally always ends up coming to bite Canada) but fails miserably to do so. Understandable when America is wielding a chainsaw and laughing madly, it has to be said.

I don't think there's actually a lot to say about this episode really - I was oddly interested and educated by that opening (which I'm going to assume is correct, I'm sure I've heard it before someplace), but the rest was pretty standard Hetalia fare, no matter how cool America looks while handling a chainsaw.

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