Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 43

Following on from the last episode of Hetalia: Axis Powers, this latest instalment of the series continues its focus upon Russia and the trouble he has with his siblings. Of course, this means more disturbing footage of Russia with breasts look-a-like Ukraine, although I am highly amused by the breast jiggling sound effects employed throughout. Yes, I am that easily pleased sometimes.

In essence, this episode covers the Soviet Union's break-up, and Russia's subsequent feelings of loneliness despite the loyalty of Belarus who returns to his side - On account of his reputation, making friends outside of his that particular sister looks like a hopeless task, as all and sundry quake before him. But what is the answer? Seduction, says France predictably.

Really, I'm not sure what to say about this particular episode - All I can think about is those Ukranian breast noises (who would have bet on me ever using the phrase "Ukranian breast noises" in this 'blog by the way?). If only Benny Hill were alive today, I'm sure he'd be raving about this particular instalment of Hetalia.

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