Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hetalia Axis Powers - Episode 41

Propaganda and morale seem to be the buzz words of the day for Hetalia: Axis Powers' forty-first episode, with the Allies looking to get one up on both enemies and colleagues alike.

So it goes that America hatches a cunning plan to paint Mount Fuji red to demoralise the Japanese, and even more cunningly puts in an order to Russia for extra large condoms - A plan which backfires thanks to Russia's fabulous response of sending said shipment while labelling the condoms as "extra small".

The remainder of the episode sees France and England spreading rumours about Germany to all and sundry... Even to Italy, although without much effect admittedly. There wasn't really anything amusing in this particular segment, but on balance this episode was probably a worthwhile viewing effort on account of Russia's condom joke alone - A rare sharp bit of humour for this series in recent times.

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Anonymous said...

Both paiting Fuji-san red and the condoms actually were being discussed during WWII. xD