Sunday, 15 November 2009

Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini - Episode 6

As bad parenting goes, Darker than BLACK: Ryuusei no Gemini's Michiru must win some kind of prize - Becoming a contractor and abandoning her only son, returning very briefly to bake him a cake before leaving again, and then coming to an untimely end virtually in Norio's arms. Such is the world as depicted by this series.

Although Michiru's story and family takes up a reasonably hefty chunk of this episode, the real intrigue comes from Hei and company's continuing mission to destroy "Izanami". Of course, it probably goes without saying that said mission hardly goes smoothly, as Hei finds himself caught up far too easily in a trap laid for him by Kirihara - Even this pales into comparison however with the revelation as to exactly what (or rather, who) Izanami is, a discovery which causes Hei to call off any attempted mission to destroy the entity, instead choosing to let it be taken away before pursuing it on its way to Tokyo.

The truth of Izanami's identity (and I'm trying not to spoil things for people who haven't watched the episode here) hangs heavily over much of this episode, notably shifting how both Hei and Suou in particular behave as the instalment progresses, with Hei seemingly lightening up and perhaps reforming his alcoholic ways while Suou becomes both more intrigued by Hei and simultaneously somewhat jealous towards his past relations with others.

All in all, this makes for another fascinating episode which is all about progressing the plot rather than straight-up action; something which it does as easily as ever while keeping more than enough mystery for us to chew on and mull over for quite some time. There looks to be interesting times ahead for Hei and his colleagues, that's for sure...

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Canne said...

I'm so glad that Yin finally reappears. I like her a lot. Hei also starts turning back to the way he was in the first season. This is another great episode indeed.