Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hatsukoi Limited: Gentei Shoujo - Episodes 3-4

I've been running quite the fever here over the last few days (a point of note in case any of my entries have been even more incoherent than usual), so I guess catching up (rather belatedly, I confess) on a couple of mini-episodes of Hatsukoi Limited: Gentei Shoujo is probably either kill or cure right now.

Of course, the focus of these episodes remains on klutzy Soako Andou, as she continues her day without underwear having forgotten to wear said garments... like you do. So, once again she finds herself unduly troubled by everyday concerns such as losing her eraser down the back of a locker, getting caught in the crowds trying to buy melon bread (just what is it with J.C. Staff and their melon bread obsession anyway?), and trying to straighten a framed certificate while perched atop the shoulders of your male classmate.

Yes, that's right, she really did do that, in a series of circumstances that would undoubtedly gain the Benny Hill seal of approval. Gentei Shoujo continues on its merry way as nothing more than fan service, pure and simple - But I have to confess that it's well-animated fan service, as befitting J.C. Staff's usual attention to quality and detail. Oddly, even despite being an entirely fan service driven vehicle, these little mini-episodes still boast a whole lot more class and decorum than some other full series that I've watched of late (Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu - Purezza, I'm looking at you) - Perhaps a la Saki, the lack of pants amidst its characters actually reduces the level of outright titillation as a result? Either way, there's only one reason you'll want to watch this, so have at it I guess.

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