Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Chi's Sweet Home: Chi's New Address - Episodes 3-12

Some of the latest new episodes of Chi's Sweet Home get about as close as this series will probably ever come to powerful emotional drama - With the prospect of Chi being sent away to Hokkaido moving ever closer, Youhei's parents still haven't told him the bad news. Naturally, once he overhears this for himself he's more than a little upset, prompting him to try and run away with Chi.

Although he doesn't get far the emotions run high, and eventually his parents realise that there's only one way forward - To move to a new home where pets are allowed. And whaddya know, just at that moment they see a huge advertising hoarding for just such a place!

From here on in we enter more traditional Chi's Sweet Home territory, with Chi making the most of investigating and enjoying the boxes used to move the family, being terrified by the moving process, and finding her own way of settling down in her next (and it has to be said, rather awesome-looking) apartment. As always, it's adorable and amusing to watch - You can never have too much Chi's Sweet Home if you ask me.

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