Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo - Episode 15

After a couple of Earth-bound episodes, it was about time that the girl who leapt through space started... well, leaping through space again. Luckily, that's exactly what happens in episode fifteen of Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo.

Thanks to both a cunning plan and some help from Professor Fon, Akiha and company finally have an end in sight to their visit to Earth, using Nerval's "Pied Piper" to hitch a lift out of the atmosphere and back into space, at which juncture they're rather conveniently dumped from their makeshift taxi into space.

It's at this point however that all Hell breaks loose - Akiha spots Nami and goes after her, only to find out about her recent switch of allegiance, a state of affairs which sisterly love most certainly won't fix and leaving us with a major case of sibling rivalry. It isn't only Akiha finding herself engaged in emotional as well as physical conflict, as Honoka also finds herself torn as she comes across Kagura in battle. Just as things are looking dire however, a moment of miscalculation from Xanthippe inadvertantly saves them all - For the time being at least, although come the end of the episode things aren't looking too good for Leopard courtesy of Nami making the most of an opportunity to practice with the eight horse-boxes of the apocalypse known as Existence.

We're now fifteen episodes into this series, and yet Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo is somehow still managing to do it - Entertaining me with this space-bound bit of fluff. In recent episodes the action quotiant has really been ramping up to good effect, and the second half of this instalment was a great example of this, seemingly throwing everything at the viewer in a mass of goings-on yet still managing to make the whole thing work in a rather addictive fashion. No matter how much this series remains nothing more than an ordinary show on paper and in terms of its general story line, it still succeeds in being great fun to watch every single week, and once again I have to admit that I don't know or understand how Sunrise have done it.


M said...

how many episodes are there in this series.? is it something thats ongoing, so theres no way 5to determine ..?


Hanners said...

It's a twenty-six episode series.