Friday, 24 April 2009

K-ON! - Episode 4

You can't have an anime series without a beach episode, so of course K-ON! makes sure that it delivers such a necessity good and proper in episode four.

Strictly speaking, this is in fact supposed to be a training camp episode, after Mio finds a cassette of the previous light music club's performance at the school festival and becomes determined that they hold a gig of their own that at least matches them for musical proficiency, but of course trying to get Yui and Ritsu to train when they have a big beach-side villa to enjoy is nigh-on impossible.

Despite her best efforts, Mio ends up getting caught up in all the frivolities and arguably enjoying herself more than anybody else there, before finally coming to her senses and dragging the rest of the group in to practice no matter what.

Speaking of Mio, this series seems to be veering further and further towards becoming a vehicle to deify the poor girl, as we get close-up swimsuit shots, maid outfit shots, and countless other scenes which only seem to exist to make Mio look unbearably cute, with the other three girls barely getting a look in over the course of this episode. Still, despite the fact that even KyoAni appear to have caught the Mio bug which has been affecting almost every other online otaku for almost a month now, this remains a fun enough little episode with a few good laughs to be had. There's really little else to be said of this instalment of K-ON! - It's funny, it's cute, and in essence it's doing exactly what it set out to yet again, which makes it pretty difficult to fault. Of course, I'm going to have to buck the Mio-centric trend by making the sole image for this post one featuring... oh to Hell with it, have a picture of Mio.


anime2kuk said...

Moe, moe, Kyun!

Rincewind said...

Great episode, plenty of Mio Moe.